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How to select a suitable nozzle for the fountain equipment?

Publish Time:2019/08/02 News Number of views:778

Fountain, as the soul of a water view fountain project, is the most important part of the whole fountain project, and the form of the fountain is determined by the fountain nozzle, so it is especially important to choose an appropriate sprinkler.

The choice of the fountain nozzle in the fountain equipment design is very important. Various types of sprinklers are widely used in the water view of the fountain equipment to produce different forms of water. The shape of the fountain is determined by the fountain nozzle. In the design process, the key is to confirm the required fountain nozzle according to the meaning of the fountain expression, and consider the use conditions of different sprinkler heads, meanwhile, the structure, material properties, process, weight of the nozzle and the surface coating, which determines the range of the nozzle is smooth and stable, which affects the artistic effect of the water scene fountain.

After determining the water type sprinkler of the main fountain according to the design scheme, it is still necessary to consider the water pressure, flow rate, spray height and spray diameter of the same type of nozzle, as well as the type and installation size of the connecting pipe.

In fountain design, the selection of fountain sprinkler should also consider some external factors, such as wind, water quality, jet height and other fountain construction site environment. In the actual use of fountain equipment waterscape, attention should be paid to the characteristics of all kinds of sprinklers.

At present, there are also many high-tech fountain equipment, which can also be used in fountain waterscape. The jet of bright spring and spring jumping spring is very smooth and stable, and the appearance is like a glass rod, which can fall accurately in the receiving hole; the spring jumping spring can generate a water jet of variable length under the control of computer; and the jump ball fountain can emit smooth water polo of controllable size. They are all very interesting and unforgettable. There are also many kinds of high-tech sprinklers and underwater moving machinery and control components used in large music fountains and underwater music fountains.