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What are the water-saving measures for waterscape projects

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Every Waterscape project must have water-saving measures, designers should consider: whether the project needs such a large surface, how to solve the water source, how to use recycled water and so on.

One is to use terrain or civil structure to imitate the natural water landscape. Such as streams, waterfalls, artificial lakes, fish ponds, springs, falls and so on, which have more applications in traditional gardens in China.

Second, it relies entirely on fountain equipment to create scenery. Various fountains such as music fountain, program control fountain, dry land fountain, atomization fountain, etc. This kind of waterscape is widely used in the field of architecture in recent years, but its development speed is very fast.

Various waterscape projects generally consist of the following aspects: civil pool, pipeline valve system, power pump system, lighting system, etc. Large water bodies or places requiring a higher sense of water quality must also have water quality treatment systems. Program-controlled fountain control system: Program-controlled fountain is mainly designed by PLC to control various water types and lights according to the pre-set arrangement combination.

When the fountain scheme is decided, the program is written into the PLC according to the water type change of the scheme, and the control signal is sent out through the PLC operation program, so that the water type and the light can be changed according to the compiled change.


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