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Music fountain have been technological innovations over the years

Publish Time:2019/08/15 News 标签:Music fountainNumber of views:927

After years of improvement, the music fountain technology has greatly reduced the cost of construction and maintenance. The use of computers and the Internet has been used in musical fountains, which can vary according to the level of music. Users can write their favorite music programs in the editing interface. The playback system can achieve a unified atmosphere of music, water and lighting, and play synchronization. Make the performance more complicated and beautiful.

The computer music fountain is composed of ever-changing fountains, combined with colorful lighting to reflect the connotation of music and the theme of music. A good musical fountain, the change of water shape should be able to fully express the music. We use many high-tech means, and after years of repeated exploration and continuous improvement, we can guarantee the technology.

The computer music fountain system software is a model for applying high technology such as computer control technology, computer multimedia technology and music fuzzy analysis processing technology to the fountain system. The computer music system adopts digital synchronous processing technology, which makes the music and water type change complete in 0.1 seconds, which gives satisfactory results in sensory and auditory sense. It adopts multi-level decentralized control structure and isolation design to ensure system safety and reliability. Sexuality and stability; modular design makes the system expandable, compatible, easy to install and maintain.

The music performance fountain is a music control system based on the program control fountain. The computer decodes and encodes the audio and MIDI signals, and finally outputs the signal to the control system to make the shape and lighting of the fountain change. The music stays in sync, thus achieving the perfect combination of fountain water, lighting and color changes and musical emotions, making the fountain show more vivid and richer.


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