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What is the control mode of music fountain equipment?

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Music fountain equipment control injection volume, injection time and change control mode, there are three main ways: manual valve control: the most common and simple control mode, manual control valve installed in the fountain of water supply, used to regulate the pressure and flow of water in the pipe part, forming a fixed fountain. Relay control: usually use time relays to control the pump and solenoid valve, according to the design process, the color of light, such as opening and closing, so as to achieve automatic conversion of water spray.


Music Fountain

Control, sound control fountain body tone used to control fountain, fountain shape change of an automatic control. The principle of music fountain equipment is that sound signal is transformed into electrical signal. After amplification and other processing, relays or electronic switches are promoted, and the opening and closing of water solenoid valves are controlled, so as to control spray water flow and sound change. People can see the size, height and shape of water change.

Fountain waterscape is generally live music fountain, tree ice fountain, water fountain, waterfall, etc. and matching water, so it can also be said that the form of water landscape, but mainly focuses on dynamic water landscape. Dynamic point-like water landscape layout should be combined with environmental development, which is to decorate fountains in the garden, not to decorate fountains is our first consideration, the second is how large fountains, then what kind of fountain arrangement. Various fountains, how to combine matching surface shaping. Classic fountain is the most decorated in front of the main building, or the center of the square, forming a visual center, the scale should also be compatible with the main building or square. From the garden form is also mainly axisymmetric or symmetrical.

When a programmable fountain, fountain, music fountain equipment, fountain and other space to form a dynamic waterscape, so that the original fixed addition of some changes in the composition of different buildings. Architectural changes in some modern buildings create larger internal spaces, which not only decorate fountains outdoors and indoors. When we design a fountain, we must make a general arrangement. That is to say, it will decorate the fountain and lay out a larger fountain. If there is a fountain, the whole complex layout should be considered in a unified way. The fountain should be coordinated with the building to form a unified whole. Therefore, the arrangement of fountains should conform to the principles of architectural aesthetics, especially to the basic rules of formal beauty.


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