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The common control system of music fountain design

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The common control system of music fountain design:


Music fountain
1. Program-controlled fountain control system: The program-controlled fountain is mainly designed by PLC to control various water types and lights according to the preset placement combination. After the music fountain plan is set, the program is written into the PLC according to the planned water type change, and a control signal is sent through the PLC running program to make the water type and lights change according to the programmed changes. This change can be repeated continuously according to the pre-programmed design. If the control of the programmable fountain is equipped with an inverter, the function of slowly rising and falling of the fountain can be completed.

2. Music fountain control system: The music fountain is mainly composed of configuration software, music signal converter, programmable controller (PLC), frequency converter, audio system, lighting system and other industrial control devices. system. It integrates music control, programmable control, artificial intelligence control skills, and integrates the most advanced advanced scientific and technological achievements in the world today. It is an industrial site control system. The upper computer of the music fountain control system is an on-site control system composed of multimedia computers, which can complete the whole real-time sound control, and can identify the strength and weakness of the melody, rhythm, sense of music and audio. The system has the synchronous function of audio and water shape, and has a convenient operation interface and the function of arranging music. The fountain can change according to the unevenness of the music. Users can write their favorite music programs on the modification interface. The broadcast system can achieve the unified atmosphere of music, water, lights and light, and the broadcast is synchronized.

3. Paoquan control system: The Paoquan control system is controlled by a unique Paoquan controller. It controls multiple solenoid valves under the nozzles placed in various tracks, and controls the water spray in time sequence to form various shapes of sprays. Fountain with water changing instantly. It can form a running shape, and can also form a variety of jumping, shaking and other shapes, and can also form a fixed shape of the water spray shape. The momentum is powerful and majestic, changing many ends. The Paoquan control system can be used together with the program control and music fountain control system, or it can be used alone.


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