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What is the role of fountain waterscape construction?

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Fountains are often seen in city squares or scenic spots. Fountains add interest to our life. Fountains have many different styles. These water scenery settings make our leisure time more colorful. Music fountains, water scenery fountains, cold fog fountains, light fountains and so on add to our city. Colors, so many places have designed fountain waterscape, colorful fountain waterscape what role?

fountain waterscape
First, it can beautify the environment effectively.

The city square or scenic spot is mainly the place where people gather, so these places need enough characteristics to attract people’s attention. If the square or scenic spot is too monotonous, people will not be attracted to it. Fountain water can be used to decorate the square or scenic spot, so that fountain water can be used as a scenic spot. Adding dynamic visual effect can effectively foil the surrounding buildings, add dynamic elements to the static scenery, achieve the combination of dynamic and static, pleasant effect, avoid the monotony of blindly viewing the scenery, and make it more dynamic and beautiful.

Second, improve the ornamental value of scenic spots

Squares or scenic spots will be composed of various scenic spots with different characteristics. Each scenic spot has its unique value and significance, and its ornamental performance is different. The fountain water landscape can effectively link multiple scenic spots through the fountain landscape and improve the overall scenic spot by adding dynamic design concept to the scenic spots with different values. Ornamental value.

fountain waterscape

Third, it can effectively improve the climate of surrounding communities.

Fountain water scenery is the use of flowing water resources, water flow can purify the environment to air, can let people around to visit, absorb fresh air, appreciate the surrounding scenic spots in a humid environment, water scenery can increase the oxygen ion content in the air, effectively reduce the bacteria and dust in the air. Improve the air environment, make the air more fresh and natural, can attract more people to go.

Fourth, music fountains and other forms are more attractive.

In the square, we can see many large-scale music fountains. Music fountains are accompanied by different rhythms of music in the eruption of water flow. In the dynamic music, water sprays one after another, water columns change colors and shapes, which can attract people enough, more attractive, night view. The effect of reward will be especially wonderful.

Fourth, as the representative building of the city

Many cities have many famous squares. These squares are the landmarks of the city. Therefore, the fountain water scenery with the same style on the square is better combined with the city style and the surrounding architectural concept to better show the city’s style to people and make people more aware of the characteristics of the city.


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