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Music fountain design and selection

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The construction of city square is an important sign to improve the city appearance and speed up the city construction. Music fountains are almost the necessary facilities of these large-scale city squares. With the fountains engineering becoming the hot spot of modern urban landscape, the diversity of their viewing functions is also significantly improved.


Music fountain



Fountain nozzle is an important carrier to meet the diversity of fountain effect. Its design work is of great significance to the operation effect and safety of fountain.

1. The influence of sound

Some sprinklers have a lot of noise. If we use inflatable sprinklers, the effect is both shaping and quiet, such as horn sprinklers.

2. Wind disturbance

Some sprinklers will be affected by external factors, such as semicircle sprinklers. The water film formed by such sprinklers is very thin, and they can hardly form under strong wind. It is worth mentioning that the ice tree sprinklers have little impact on their spray effect.

3. Impact of water quality

The fountain nozzle may also be affected by the water quality. If the water quality is not good, it is easy to cause nozzle blockage, such as dandelion nozzle, but some effects are very small, such as spring.

4. Height and pressure

Each kind of fountain nozzle has its reasonable and efficient spraying height. If you want to have a high spraying effect, you can use a middle column nozzle, which is better than a direct-current nozzle, because the air in the middle of the circular water flow is thin, and the air around the water column is wrapped tightly to make it difficult to disperse. For the sake of safety, children’s playground should choose a low-pressure nozzle.

5. The dynamics of water posture

In the fountain construction, most of the fountain nozzles are sprayed in a fixed direction after installation or adjustment, such as DC nozzles, and some others Dynamic spray, such as swinging and rotating spray nozzle, under the action of machinery and water power, the movement of spray nozzle is specially designed when spraying. Some spray nozzles still advance according to the predetermined trajectory. The same spray nozzle, due to different designs, can spray out various heights compared with the other. Stepless edge speed can make the spray trajectory in the form of curve, or even intermittent. The jet presents a water pattern of dots, drops and strings, such as intermittent sprinklers, most sprinklers are installed on the surface of the water, but the bubble (foam) sprinkler is installed below the surface of the water. Due to the fluctuation of the water surface, the water attitude of the jet will fluctuate and fluctuate.