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What kinds of fountain sculptures are there?

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The fountain not only increases the negative ion content in the air, purifies the air, increases the humidity of the air, and lowers the effect of the ambient temperature, so it is deeply loved by people. There are many kinds of fountain sculptures, and the professional fountain company introduces you to the fountain sculptures.

The ordinary decorative fountain is composed of a variety of flower-patterned fixed fountains.

(2) Combine common landscapes such as sculpture fountains and sculptures.

(3) The water sculpture is composed of various large water columns formed by artificial and mechanical forms to form a landscape.

(4) The control fountain adopts electronic technology to control water, light, sound and color according to the design process to form a strange and changeable landscape.

(5) Other types In addition to the above types, there are also high fountains, dry fountains, superimposed springs, musical fountains, running springs, springs, floating springs, Xiaopinquan, Yiquan, music running springs, etc. form.

The water supply in the form of a fountain is: a direct current water supply, a water pump water supply cycle, and a submersible pump circulating water supply.

The fountain nozzle is the main working part of the art form of the fountain. Its function is to have a certain water pressure. Through the shape of the nozzle, it forms a splendid water and sprays it in the water. A variety of nozzle combinations can create a waterscape, exciting, exciting, and produce wonderful artistic effects. According to the shape of water spray, it can be divided into: dandelion, morning glory, morning glory, mushroom, flowers, flowers, etc. It can be divided into various types of fountain nozzles, which can be divided into direct, ice towers and open according to different structural forms. Screens and nozzles and other types.

With the application of light, electricity, sound and automatic control devices in fountains, musical fountains, geysers, laser fountains, etc., a richer fountain content has been formed, enriching people’s visual and auditory feelings. The famous fountains in the history of China, such as the fountains of Beijing Yuanmingyuan, such as the fountains on both sides and the temporary fountain group of Tiananmen Square on National Day, are very majestic and have won praises from Chinese and foreign tourists.


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