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Pay attention to safety when watching music fountains|fountain company in India

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Many people like to take a walk in the leisure square with their children. And the square fountain on the square has attracted many people to enjoy, especially the children. When the music starts, many children are playing in the changeable music fountain water mist. Do you know how dangerous they are facing? Fountain company is a waterscape enterprise dedicated to the design and construction of music fountain. The company focuses on the R & D and promotion of music fountain, square fountain, water screen film, water fountain, artificial fog and other technologies. Fountain company professional fountain design and construction manufacturing enterprise: set fountain design, manufacturing, installation, later maintenance as one of the professional fountain company. Mainly undertake: music fountain ★ program-controlled fountain ★ dry fountain ★ community and square fountain and other fountain projects.


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1. Danger of water column in music fountain

In recent years, with the popularity of square fountains in the squares of major cities, it is not uncommon for people to be injured by square fountains. It is understood that the diameter of general square fountains is about 2cm, and when it sprays a 10 meter high water column, it often produces about 3kg left and right impact force. In addition, the randomness and suddenness of music fountains are large, resulting in instant spray The impact of even a strong young man may not bear, let alone young children, naturally vulnerable to water spray. Therefore, when appreciating the square fountain, we must not shuttle in the music fountain at will because of the cool. Especially, adults must take good care of their children to avoid accidental injuries caused by children’s shuttle in the square fountain.

2. Children are easily injured or stuck during running and fighting

Children often lack the consciousness of self-protection in the process of playing, and they are easily injured in running. Because the square fountain music fountain platform is often paved with smooth marble, which is very wet and slippery when encountering water, it is very easy to cause children to fall. In addition, many children like to trample on the water column of the music fountain when spraying water. Due to the different density of the drainage guardrail design of the music fountain outlet, some children are likely to be accidentally stuck by the metal guardrail, resulting in fracture or more serious accidental injury.

3. Leakage of music fountain maintenance system may cause electric shock

Square fountain is a combination of water and electricity. Due to the use frequency and age, there may be leakage caused by aging of some parts. If children are playing in the music fountain at this time, it is easy to cause electric shock.

Fountain company is an authoritative professional music fountain company in India. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, installation and commissioning of various large-scale fountains such as large-scale square music fountain, program-controlled fountain, sculpture fountain, laser performance, water curtain film, wave light fountain, lifting fountain, as well as integrated services such as environmental landscape and square greening. According to the situation, we can design a beautiful fountain waterscape suitable for customers


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