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When is the best time for water screen movie fountain to play?

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In the decoration of the park and other scenic spots, the view of improving the visual beautification of the distinction between the scenic spots and promoting the shock can be achieved by using the dynamic form of water scenery. In order to design the fountain which it should belong, the control performance of the equipment and the regularity of playing can be adopted to achieve the angle of matching viewing. There should be a unified display process of film and water curtain and fountain, and no fault should be made. Only by adjusting the playing time can the most suitable viewing effect be achieved.

Water Curtain Film

For the personalization of fountain design, there will be different features in the whole day and in different stages of the waterscape. As well as from the design process, it can be adapted to meet the water level of the dynamic waterscape and the comprehensive adjustment of the water pressure of the spray on the segment during the day and night. So what is the best time to play according to the water curtain movie fountain?
Evening time is best: In the broadcasting section with the compatibility and regulation of the night sky, it is necessary to promote the broadcasting of water-screen movies and achieve the best time according to the degree of water-screen display in the dark, and to catch people’s eyes more. For the movie with the magnificent water scenery and the water-screen movie fountain, it is necessary to promote the broadcasting of water-screen movies. In accordance with the light adjustment of the bright spot and collocation in the darkness of the macro-flash, this can be in line with the degree of shock.
Relatively speaking, the waterscape has the genus to play at night, paying attention to the decorative points, and the opening of the water and the film in the light with the opening of music and waterscape, not only the film is attractive but also promotes the perfect panorama. The effect can be added to the city’s attractions to optimize the uniqueness of adding scenery to the park. To meet the dressing point of the city’s dynamic scenery.


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