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Matters needing attention in the selection of special pumps for music fountain

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The fountain selected for the construction of the music fountain is a dedicated pump. The flow rate and head should be consistent with the design flow rate and design head of the music fountain system. When the set value changes, the pump is always in the high-efficiency working range, without cavitation or When the engine is overloaded, the size and table number of the special pump for the music fountain are mutually restrictive. The fountain-specific pump is large in volume, high in efficiency, and has a small number of installations, and the equipment, civil engineering, and management costs are reduced accordingly; but the number of meters cannot be too small, and the failure of one pump has a great impact on the entire system.


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Generally speaking, it is advisable to install 2 ~ 4 sets. When the design flow rate of the system is less than one hour, only one dedicated pump for fountains can be installed, but the number of wearing parts should be sufficient. Pumping stations usually do not provide dedicated pumps for spare fountains. If there are several types of pumps that can meet the requirements of the design flow and design head of the fountain system, you should choose the type of pump with high efficiency, low power, easy operation, easy maintenance, and the fountain system with a low total investment. The fountain system is installed in the same fountain system, and the design conforms to the same model, which is convenient for management and spare parts. Adaptive automatic and semi-automatic control make the pump room structure single. The existing fountain pump model can not meet the requirements of the design flow and water head design of the fountain system, and can be solved by series, parallel and variable speed.

Select special pumps with good cavitation performance as much as possible, which is of great significance to simplify the structure of the pump room, reduce the investment of the pumping station, and ensure the safe operation of the unit. Taking the selection of centrifugal pump as an example, the pump has high suction power and small water level, which can be used for simple brick-wood structure. On the contrary, it is necessary to convert into a more complex dry room pump room composed of a mixed structure of reinforced concrete and masonry.


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