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Fountain engineering company tells you the basic principles of music fountain

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Fountain has been integrated into our lives, in the off work or leisure time we all like to go for a walk in the park square, holidays like to go to the scenic spots, which are contemporary people’s attitude to life has changed, then the music fountain to us is usually relaxation which also occasionally with shock when, then the fountain engineering company to tell you about the installation of fountain location selection needs to consider what?

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The purpose of our installation of musical fountains is to watch, then it is necessary in the crowded venues to construction, the next according to the type of musical fountain also need to consider the open site, the pool should be large, the water spray to high, lighting is not too gorgeous. Narrow sites such as street corners, buildings, etc., the pool is mostly selected rectangular. Modern residential buildings next to the pool is mostly round or rectangular. Fountain water volume to be large, the sense of water to be strong, lighting can be more gorgeous. Musical fountain form of freedom, can be combined with a variety of decorative small items such as sculpture, but the change should be simple, simple color.

In the choice of music fountain location, layout of the environment around the fountain, to consider the theme and form of the music fountain, the identified theme and form to coordinate with the environment, the fountain and the environment to unify the consideration, with the environment rendering and fountain to achieve the purpose of decorating the environment, or with the artistic association of a specific fountain to create the mood. General music fountain company recommends that the fountain is located more in the courtyard axis focal point, end point or flower bed group, but also according to the characteristics of the environment, increase some fountain vignette, arranged in the courtyard, both sides of the door, space turn, public buildings in the hall and other locations, take a flexible arrangement, free to decorate indoor and outdoor space. But in the music fountain arrangement should pay attention to, do not arrange the fountain in the building between the wind duct, but should be placed in the environment to avoid the wind blowing, fountain water shape was broken ring and falling water was blown out of the pool.

The above is the fountain engineering company small knowledge can be brought to you for our choice of installation location to do some reference, I hope to help you, such as the need for musical fountain project, please contact Jiayue fountain engineering company.


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