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What are the commercial values of water screen movies?

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Water-curtain cinematography is a multimedia technique that emits light beams on the water surface and displays strong stereo cinematographic effects. Water-curtain films were produced in the late 1980s, but it appeared early in large cities in developed countries such as France and Japan. Because this form is relatively new and can be immersive, it is very popular with people.
The transparent water curtain displays pictures, which are rare unique visual effects at home and abroad and can attract a large number of viewers. The new water screen movies and fantasies can capture the audience’s reaction, the image is clear and colorful. A beautiful video feast will bring new visual and auditory enjoyment to the audience, allowing them to relax, cheer and unforgettable.

Water Curtain Film


The laser water curtain film industry is a relatively high-tech industry. There are many high-tech industries, including sound, light and electricity, and laser technology. Technological innovation is the main display platform for innovation. The development and application of new products and new equipment, the implementation of new technologies and new technologies, while reflecting innovation and design innovation, has also created more business opportunities and greater benefits.
Over the years, the rapid development of the laser water screen film industry has shortened the gap with the advanced level of the same industry abroad. Among them, Guangzhou Yuanrun Fountain, the technological leader, is constantly pursuing progress in science, rationality and economy. The project creatively respects the historical, cultural and other cultural factors of the project site and takes care of the surrounding buildings.The environmental style, taking full advantage of the company, makes water screen movies more interesting than traditional movies.
The film uses a special projector, designed for water screen films. The movie screen is a transparent water curtain that allows everyone to have special optical effects while watching.The visual transparency of the screen makes the picture stereoscopic. There is an immersive fantasy that combines the content of the film with the water.


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