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What role can fountain companies play in choosing cold fog equipment?

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Fountains can be regarded as a core unit in the landscape and become a central visual effect point, including the affirmation that the water view can be based on. Fountains company can execute the fountain landscape in the professional and technical type, and conceive a set of magnificent and great fountains. When the ideal fountain development form is achieved, the water fountain landscape will be more beautiful and more in line with the international type of water view. What role will the cold fog equipment play when it is used in the installation project?

Cold Mist Fountain

1. The fountains of pipes and nozzles are hidden in cold fog. The combination of cold fog and music fountains can be seen from the variety of water fog changing with music, and cold fog rolling and soaring together, causing sudden sympathy.
2. Cold fog equipment can also carry a variety of light sources, laser stage lighting, stage smoke alternatives in the room can create a dry cold fog.
3. Because the cold fog equipment system itself is based on the principles of natural phenomena, such as water vapor, cloud and fog, and cold fog equipment, we use common tap water, and the host will increase the pressure by 70 atmospheres (70) through high pressure and water pressure followed by brass or stainless steel cold fog nozzles, thus directly spraying the fog diameter of 10 – 20 microns, and then the cold fog gently floats in the air and water.
In this way, the fountain company has a great function in the cold fog equipment system, and the normal starting point is from the relevant use to the spray, and the spray design and the scientific spray control performance are adopted to ensure the basic safety. It can make fountain waterscape more attractive.


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