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Visual feast in three-dimensional space of laser water Curtain Film company

Publish Time:2019/02/28 News Number of views:1075

The novel and peculiar form of laser water curtain film has been more and more applied to artificial landscape and environmental engineering. The day before we talked about the development of laser water curtain film and the artistic effect, but we know how this effect is presented? Today we talk to the laser water Curtain Film company small part of it.

The water curtain Laser performance system is a set of multimedia performance system with good shape, sound and color, which is projected on the water film of the water curtain nozzle by the animation pattern formed by the laser beam emitted by the lasers, and with the sound system.
Laser beam by the laser control system compiled by the computer program control, according to customer requirements as arbitrary as a variety of colorful animation graphics, and will be irradiated on the crystal clear water film, forming a dazzling singular effect. As the audience watches the film, the fan-shaped water curtain blends with the natural night sky, and the film content is like floating in the air.
When the characters and objects in the animation enter and exit the picture, is completely a three-dimensional sense of space, as if it vacated and take off to the sky or from the day to fall, resulting in a sense of ethereal and dreamy, fascinating. The physical characteristics of the laser itself determine its high brightness, bright color, long projection distance, good molding effect and so on, it outlines the colorful, magnificent and colorful laser animation graphics projected onto the water curtain, because of the scattering of beads, so that the entire water curtain presents a colorful text, graphics, beam changes thousands, spectacular.


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