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The History of Music fountain

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The origin of the musical fountain: in the 1930, the German inventor, Mr. Otupiste, first took out the concept of a fountain, and at first he built only small fountains in department stores and restaurants, and after years of development, the design and construction of its musical fountain has become larger and more complex. Mr. Gendpister has followed his father in the design and construction of fountains as early as 12, and in the summer of 1952, at an industrial exhibition in West Berlin, an American saw a musical fountain show and took it back to the New York Radio Concert Hall. January 15, 1953 the musical fountain was first performed in the United States and watched by more than 1.5 million people during the performance. Now that Mr. Gendpister continues to improve his musical fountain and to the world, years of improvement have greatly reduced the cost of construction and maintenance, and computers have been used on musical fountains to make their performances more complex and beautiful.

  Computer Music Fountain is through the ever-changing fountain modeling, combined with colorful color lighting, to reflect the connotation of music and the theme of music, a good music fountain, water shape changes should be able to fully express the music. We have used many high-tech means, after years of repeated exploration and continuous improvement, technically can be guaranteed. The Magic Computer Music fountain system software developed in 1998 is an example of applying high technology such as computer control technology, computer multimedia technology, music fuzzy analysis and processing technology to fountain system. Magician Computer music system using digital synchronous processing technology, so that music and water changes in 0.1 seconds to achieve satisfactory results in the senses and hearing, the use of multi-stage decentralized control structure and isolation design, to ensure system security, reliability and stability, the use of modular design, so that the system scalability is good, compatibility,
  Easy to use for installation and maintenance. Music Performance fountain is in the program control fountain on the basis of the addition of music control system, the computer through the recognition of audio and MIDI signals, decoding and coding, and eventually the signal output to the control system, so that the fountain shape and lighting changes and music to keep pace, so as to achieve the fountain water type, The perfect combination of light and color changes and musical emotions makes the fountain performance more vivid and full of connotations. Musical fountain: can vary according to the height of the music. Users can write their favorite music programs in the editing interface. Playback system can achieve music, water, lighting atmosphere unity, playback synchronization.