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Professional fountain company sums up the characteristics of the music fountain for you

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Music fountain equipment When the modern fountain developed a fountain combined with music, the effect of the fountain after the start is indeed very popular, with the music, the fountain is like adding a soul, the music fountain automatic control technology is a music fountain The most critical technology, the professional fountain company in order to summarize the following characteristics:

music fountain

First, advanced music signal processing system

The music signal is analyzed by the spectrum and delayed, and an active component suitable for controlling the fountain in the music signal is extracted and transmitted to the teacher. Control the machine and delay the music signal to synchronize audio and music.

The second is to concentrate on the distributed control system. The fountain is directly controlled by the main control unit, and the main control machine has the following characteristics:

1. Music signal acquisition function, extracting active components according to frequency characteristics.

2. The fault diagnosis of the source device can diagnose the running status of the host, the leakage and the operating status of the drive cabinet.

3. Menu-based operating system Chinese, which allows the operator to learn to operate in a short period of time, with various dynamic modeling functions and visual mode changes to the music source, allowing the operator to observe changes. Source through the computer screen. The earth promotes the use of music and music sources.

4. Open structure, friendly human-machine interface, communication interface and programming skills are open to users. The music source can be completed with just two mouse buttons to easily match the music source to the library. Gives a refreshing feeling.

5. Direct control of the music fountain directly drives the pump, frequency converter or servo.

6. Steering motor speed and steering control, the maximum control amount is 1024 or more. The controller uses the MUCS source system to interact with any audio source (CD player, recorder, live performance, etc.) to ensure that the music is completely synchronized with the source without affecting the music signal.

Safety and reliability

Each controlled device is equipped with protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and leakage. In the event of a fault, the power supply can be automatically shut off, which reliably protects the road source equipment from loss and personal safety.


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