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Swing fountain classification

Publish Time:2020/06/02 News Number of views:963

There are many types of fountains, and because of the beauty of the fountains, our city has added a brilliance. One of the types of fountains is the swing fountain. The swing fountain is divided into two types:


Swing fountains



Swing fountains, as the name implies, are swinging left and right. Swing fountains can be divided into mechanical swing fountain combinations and digital swing fountains. The former is that the spray head is installed on a movable swing mechanism, and the swing mechanism is driven by an underwater motor, so that the spray head swings back and forth along a certain trajectory, forming various dynamic water-shaped combinations. Can be divided into horizontal swing, vertical swing, round swing and other methods. The digital swing nozzle is an independent fountain device, which uses a stepping motor in the device to swing the movable nozzle along a certain trajectory. Multiple digital nozzles can be combined together to form a beautiful dynamic water shape. According to the swinging trajectory, the digital nozzles can be divided into one-dimensional digital nozzles (180° plane rotation) and three-dimensional digital nozzles (360° stereo rotation). Large water fountains are often selected in water form.


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