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The Principle and Characteristics of Water Screen Film

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Water screen movies are made by high-pressure water pumps and special water screen generators, which spray water from top to bottom at high speed and form fan-shaped “screen” after atomization. Special video tapes are projected on the “screen” by special projectors to form water screen movies. When the audience is watching the movie, the fan-shaped water curtain merges with the natural night sky. When the characters enter the picture, it seems that the characters take off to the sky or descend from the sky, resulting in a vague and dreamy feeling, which is fascinating.
 The water screen film projector is composed of mechanical device, control bracket, communication port, software, time signal interface and DMX512 interface. The engine of the projector is controlled by optical sensing with high accuracy. There are three control methods: programming control, direct control and practical program control. The water curtain is over 20 meters high and 30-50 meters wide. Various VCD discs or special films for water curtain can be broadcast on the water curtain. The film and television effects are unique, novel and excellent advertising tools. Water curtain movies can be installed in all kinds of square and wide water surface.
Using Aquatique Show’s Ecran d’Eau technology, you can perform a moving or fixed projection on a screen made entirely of water. This transparent screen is made by an underwater system that can be installed on a ship, at the water, at the sea, in an existing pool or in a pool we have placed for you. This water screen is invisible when it is not activated. It appears when the performance is going on. Its other advantage is that the projection seen by the eye is a three-dimensional effect.
Water screen film appeared in the 1980s. It consists of laser demonstration system, projector system, water screen generator and sound system. It is better than screen film. It discards the commonly used white cloth and wall surface, and uses the water curtain as the projection carrier. The water is sprayed out at high speed through the high-pressure water pump and the water curtain generator. After atomization, a “screen” is formed, and then the image is projected by a dedicated projector. Because the screen is a transparent water film, there is a special optical effect when the image is played. The visual transparency of the screen gives the picture a three-dimensional effect. The film content and the water surface are skillfully combined. The fan-shaped water screen and the natural night sky are integrated, which makes the audience feel immersed in the scene and fascinating.