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Water Curtain Movie Fountain

Publish Time:2019/02/27 News Number of views:453

Water Curtain Film is through the high-pressure pump and special water curtain generator, the water from the bottom up, high-speed ejection, atomization after the formation of a fan-shaped “screen”, by the special projector will be special video projection on the “screen”, the formation of water curtain film. When the audience is watching the film, the fan-shaped water curtain and the natural night sky blend into one, when the characters enter and exit the picture, like the characters to take off to the sky or from the day to fall, produce a kind of illusory and dreamy feeling, fascinating. The Water Curtain film projector is composed of mechanical device, control bracket, communication port, software, time signal interface and DMX512 interface. The engine of the projector is controlled by optical sensing, the precision is high, and there are three kinds of control methods: Programming control, direct control and practical program controlled. Water curtain up to 20 meters, width of 30-50 meters, a variety of VCD discs or water curtain special films can be played on the water Curtain, film and television effect is strange, novel and is an excellent advertising tools, a variety of squares and wide water surface can be installed water screen movies. Water curtain is usually up to 20 meters, width of 30-60 meters, water curtain movie playback screen has a strong sense of stereoscopic and spatial feeling, the characters like to soar the sky or from heaven to fall, and the natural night sky into one, resulting in a illusory and dreamy feeling, coupled with a laser pattern, the scene is more grandiose, magnificent. Water curtain movies are suitable for major holiday gatherings, large squares, theme park venues.


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