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Problems existing in fountain design

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Fountain in recent years has been rapid development, the country and the world have a lot of famous fountains for people to watch entertainment, this is a fountain culture of the spread, but also the world’s dependence on water performance. People’s need for culture has contributed to the development of fountains, and in our country, cities with water are expecting an iconic fountain.
Fountain has emerged as part of urban construction in people’s horizons. In the process of wide application of fountain, there are also some problems and shortcomings, some misunderstanding and bad tendency should arouse people’s attention.
Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on the healthy development of the fountain industry.
1. Blindness in programme design often leads to the failure of the work and makes it difficult for the work to persist for a long time.
2. The unreasonable detail design directly affects the effect of the work.
3. High quality and shoddy products have a direct impact on the credibility of the manufacturers and companies concerned.
4. Energy conservation, water conservation, environmental protection issues should be given sufficient attention.
The performance of blindness in scheme design is to seek large, perfection, high and first, and the result is that the fountain and environmental atmosphere are not coordinated, which often leads to the result of large investment, high running cost and poor effect. Good fountain design requires the fountain professional designers to fully listen to and absorb the fountain site planners, architects, gardeners and construction units and other related people’s advice and advice, because of the time, because of the reasonable design of the plan, fountain pool and sprinkler modeling should be with the surrounding environment, space, architecture, greening to form a coordinated relationship , suitable for quiet, elegant atmosphere should not be engaged in a warm, active effect. Take the laser color music fountain as an example, abroad is usually located in the tourist attractions of the park or playground and cultural park, with ornamental seats, so that people can stop and enjoy the fountain. And some of our cities are located in small spaces, large traffic flow, and do not have parking conditions next to the road or traffic around the island center, it is clear that this choice is unscientific and unreasonable.
Fountains can easily cause traffic jams. In addition, the ratio of water spray height to the diameter of the pool, a variety of water modeling hierarchy, should be properly grasped, to give people the unity of Heaven and Man of natural beauty, environmental beauty of the artistic conception, to avoid the chaos of simple stacking.
These should be reasonably addressed in the production of the programme. Fountain water Modeling is achieved through detailed design, machine, pump, pipe, valve, nozzle reasonable selection, directly affect the effect of water spraying. Some fountain design, only pay attention to the flow, work pressure and other technical indicators, ignoring the flow effect of this important factor, water modeling effect is poor. For example: The success of ultra-high water column dense section, Rupture and Atomization section is short, water column diameter and spray height ratio is appropriate, strong wind resistance, water spray effect upright, Majestic. At present, some ultra-high water column, water column dense section short, rupture section and atomization length, water column diameter and spray height compared to appear small thin, poor wind resistance, water column is easy to be blown away, which is the relevant parameter selection unreasonable caused. There are also poor similar problems in the combination effect of the whole water modeling.
The detailed design is unreasonable, is the performance of the poor technical and economic indicators, need to be solved in the design stage of the fountain.
Problems existing in fountain design The product quality of fountain equipment affects the use of fountains. In reality often encountered the same model, the same specifications, with the origin of the product, its working parameters are not the same (more than the allowable error) more shoddy product quality is poor, short service life, increase the Fountain Use unit maintenance workload and management costs, but also damaged the reputation of the fountain equipment manufacturers and companies.
Speeding up the development of product standards for fountain equipment, providing product testing and quality supervision actionable content to manufacturers and users, is an effective way to improve the quality of fountain equipment products. Fountain is energy-consuming landscape engineering, some ultra-high water column or large laser color sound-controlled fountain its power and lighting energy consumption of thousands or thousands of watts, that is, the fountain only two hours a day, will consume thousands of degrees of electricity, for the Fountain Project investment and future maintenance operation are very large costs, need to be carefully demonstrated and evaluated.
In the premise of safeguarding the design effect of the fountain, as far as possible to save energy, which should be tailored design during the design phase of the fountain scheme. China is a water shortage country, water conservation is a basic state policy, fountain to promote recycling water, design should consider reducing the atomization of spray water, drift loss.
Circulating water system should have filtration purification device, now there are many dry fountains, spray water is easy to put the ground soil, dirt into the underground pool, water quality is very easy to pollute, do a good job of watering the pool, extend the use of pool water cycle, the use of pools can be watered around the lawn, green space, not only to save use, but also environmental Fountain industry with the development of the city has a substantial development, whether it is fountain nozzle, fountain equipment has been the Fountain control system has a greater development. High-tech has been completely applied to fountain design, especially in musical fountains. Fountain Design in the existence of these problems, I hope that the fountain designers in the fountain design process more careful and cautious, parameter selection more attention, so as to design the perfect effect of the fountain.