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“Standard system” In the normal production process needs to constantly revise the quality assurance system, enrich, establish and improve the quality responsibility as the center of the quality assurance system and a variety of rules and regulations, standardization, procedures, so that enterprises with quality functions of the various departments to play a full role, to ensure that the impact of quality factors can be in accordance with the requirements of the unified, Coordinate operation around common quality objectives, implement total quality management, and strictly enforce the norms, standards and procedures established by the State and relevant departments.
Establish and improve the level three quality management at the same time, the factory, workshop, team leader must be the quality responsible person at all levels.
“Production process” The Quality Management office is the enterprise’s highest quality decision-making and management organization under the direct leadership of the legal person, is the assistant and office to carry out the quality control function, is responsible for the implementation of the whole production process of quality control and organization, coordination, supervision, inspection, integration of the quality management activities of various departments. Some enterprises do not have this institution, so that the control of product quality only in the organization of the implementation of Quality Management Office, in the production of someone to grasp, someone in charge, there is supervision, there is inspection, so that the warranty system effective, long-term, stable operation.
On-site quality management mainly depends on the Workshop department and Team Workshop department, is the Enterprise Middle Quality Management organization, the product production process quality assurance system development and operation of the discussion task is responsible for the prevention of mass defects, quality maintenance, quality improvement, quality assessment and other work.
“Quality Control”
In accordance with the order of the fountain production, according to the Quality assurance system operation process, sequential circulation, in each quality control point by the special inspection personnel to carry out inspection, inspection of self-inspection and mutual inspection, in the key quality control points to check, to achieve forbidding, non-conforming products do not flow, absolutely guarantee the quality control of the fountain production process.
Information feedback Quality information feedback It is to the Quality Management office as the Information Center, to the factory and users as two major sources of information, will achieve the goal and quality plan of all information Input Information Center, classification of registration, documentation, discussion of solutions, put forward countermeasures. Factory Director to the policy objectives, quality Planning Management Office, Information Center Market intelligence chief Engineer Household Supply and marketing department raw materials, 0 components, finished product sales, analysis and prediction, user comments seriously and timely fill in feedback card for the user return visit service to hold a routine meeting. Quality inspection materials, processes, welding, non-destructive finished product inspection, quality reporting plan, measures, implementation of user visit Technical Department technical standards, process flow, on-site quality inter-problem processing production planning, process management, quality dynamics, safety production, equipment management and Maintenance Center Information Finance Section to provide funds, income and expenditure accounting, Quality cost claim Workshop production plan, process procedures, operating procedures, quality inspection, management system, civilized production. Responsible department general information major liability Accidents Factory Manager Quality Management office to convene the relevant departments of quality inspection and other departments, each of the field processing department a for the User Service department responsible departments in the future to improve their views, measures to deal with, improve the views of the user classification and archiving, standardized quality information feedback map to the general message to oblige the quality responsibility Department to implement the solution , the major liability accidents is specially solved by the temporary team organized by the factory director.
All kinds of processing programs and results should give the quality control office feedback information, in order to archive and save.