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Selection of different fountain design and construction modes

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As a systematic construction project, the fountain needs to comprehensively consider the needs of the environment, humanities, music and so on. On the basis of comprehensive opinions from all sides, it is necessary to continuously carry out program argumentation and feedback in order to achieve a preliminary plan design that meets the needs of all parties. In the design and construction process of the fountain, it is necessary to distinguish the type of the fountain, whether the fountain belongs to the natural landscape fountain or the artificial fountain, and the form of the fountain is a form of music fountain, running spring, jumping spring, dry fountain, etc. These are the important basis for the choice of fountain design and construction. The music fountain is taken as an example to analyze the design and construction mode selection of the music fountain. The music fountain is a fountain form required by large squares and landscapes. In the process of design and construction, the construction area, music involved in the music fountain, music background, fountain nozzle composition, fountain shape, electronic equipment composition and many other factors should be considered. These require the builder to consider which design and construction mode the music fountain should choose under the specific investment cost.

  1. Unified Contracting Construction

The design and construction of musical fountains requires more professional companies to design and construct at home and abroad. Different companies provide different services and can provide diversified services for the construction party. At the same time, some companies have different design and construction features.The builder is required to measure whether the chosen company can meet the requirements. In the process of building a musical fountain, due to the systematic problem of the design and construction of the music fountain, the construction party can adopt the mode of bidding, put forward the design and construction opinions, and the company will openly bid for the bid and obtain the qualification for the design and construction project. This unified contracting construction model can minimize the investment of the construction party, reduce the investment, and transfer all kinds of autonomy to the contracting entity. Only the review of the final design and construction of the musical fountain needs to be considered. This type of design and construction mode has obvious shortcomings, that is, it cannot integrate the advanced construction experience and happy technology provided by various companies, and there are fewer models to choose from.

  1. Classification design combination

In addition, the design and construction of the music fountain can also adopt the model of classification design combination, adopt the mode of segment bidding, attract the most professional companies from different fields to participate, form the music fountain design and construction team, and jointly complete the music fountain project. This model requires the builder to invest a lot of energy, spend a lot of money, and supply the project operation of all aspects and processes of the music fountain, but this model can make the music fountain reach the best demand state of the construction party. For the external modeling of the music fountain, the fountain control system, the choice of music background, the nozzle water pump, the water return system, the shape of the water flow, etc., the characteristics of various types of specialized companies are utilized, and the design teams with complementary advantages participate in the music fountain project.


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