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Cost advantages of Art fountain factory in Neijiang, Sichuan Province

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Supply chain management can reduce enterprise procurement costs, inventory costs and sales costs.
(1) Reduction in procurement costs. In supply chain management, by strengthening the management of supplier relations, the cost of raw materials can be reduced. First, cooperation with suppliers can reduce the risk of market procurement, reduce uncertainty and reduce transaction costs. The risks of the market, incomplete information often cause losses to enterprises and the loss of many business opportunities. Secondly, large-scale procurement and long-time cooperation, can enable suppliers in the price of enterprises to implement preferential treatment.
On the one hand, large-scale, long-time procurement in itself reduces the cost of transporting raw materials; On the other hand, suppliers also decline costs as a result of reduced uncertainty.
(2) Reduction of inventory costs. The reduction of inventory cost comes from the enhancement of the forecasting ability of the market for drinking chain management. In the case of satisfying a certain level of service, the reduction of inventory can reduce storage costs, management costs, transportation costs. Any finished and semi-finished products will increase the management cost of the warehouse. The increase in the number of products will increase the cost of their removal. With supply chain management, enterprises can reduce the storage cost of raw materials through multi-batch, small-scale procurement and supplier delivery, on the other hand, they can reduce the flow of products on the production line and reduce transportation costs.
The final number of semi-finished products and product storage will also be reduced.
(3) reduction in sales costs. The reduction in sales costs is due to lower sales channel costs. Supply chain management integrates wholesalers and retailers, reducing costs in the sales process. First of all, large-scale freight transport between enterprises and wholesalers, taking advantage of the scale effect of transport, reduce the cost of sales.
Second, it reduces the loss of unsold goods that occur in the sales process.
2. The speed advantage of the art fountain factory in Neijiang, Sichuan province.
In the “pull” aspect, improve the rapid response ability, timely and rapid production.
(1) Fast ordering and order Processing. The development of information technology, such as: POS technology, EDI Technology, VPN, for customers to quickly order to provide convenience. Each retail store orders on a regular basis or on the basis of the order point, depending on the stock. These ordering information is delivered to sellers and producers in a timely manner.
Enterprises are classified according to the order list from the seller to determine which products to produce, how much to produce, and when to produce them.
(2) Fast manufacturing. Enterprises according to the order, in the prescribed shortest possible time, the production of products that meet the requirements. Enterprises implementing supply chain generally have two modes of production: One is based on Mrpⅱ or ERP manufacturing, and the other is based on JIT manufacturing. The former is characterized by the rapid formulation of production plans based on a large number of orders, the determination of the order lead period, the daily production arrangements, the implementation of the results of control, and the revision of the main production plan. The latter is based on the order, immediately production, and require suppliers to deliver in a timely manner. The former is the use of mass production characteristics, relying on strict planning and control, to improve the efficiency of manufacturing.
The latter is to rely on product quality control, improve the flexibility of production, to shorten the production cycle.
(3) Timely delivery of suppliers. The supply of raw materials plays a key role in achieving rapid production in enterprises. Delays in delivery by suppliers can delay production time and even lead to a standstill in production. and premature delivery, for JIT-based production enterprises, it also has a negative impact.
It not only increases the cost of storage, but also affects the orderly production.
3. Neijiang, Sichuan Province art fountain factory maneuvering advantages.
In the “promotion” aspect, improve the enterprise to the market forecast and the response ability, strengthen the customer relationship, meet the market demand in time.
(1) obtain relevant information. Enterprises need to analyze the demand situation of consumers, the level of consumers, and the degree of satisfaction. To obtain this information, you need to investigate the customer and the market. Supply chains have a strong advantage in gaining access to this information. By sharing information with sellers and retailers, you can get a wide range of information accurately and quickly. In the market, by counting the sales information of each product sales channel, so that we can analyze the sales growth situation, see which products are popular with consumers, which unsaleable. In terms of customers, it is possible to obtain consumer preferences, consumer types and consumption levels of consumers through POS machines such as shopping malls. Some retail stores through the issuance of membership cards and other means to track consumer consumption, to provide personalized services for consumption.
The aggregation of this kind of information can obtain the consumption preference of each consumption level, as well as the different levels of the demand of the product, which provides the basis for the product decision.
(2) The market positioning through information, the formulation of production plans. By classifying and aggregating the information obtained, the demand of the market can be predicted. Predict the needs of different levels, different regions and seasons in order to determine the scope of the market and accurately locate the market, so as to determine the market strategy and carry out the production plan. On this basis, this is particularly important in Mrpⅱ-based enterprises. Accurate market information is the premise of implementing supply chain production plan.