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The world looks here–here, look at the world.

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91 Spring Festival Gala Studio Waterscape Fountain-CCTV designated manufacturers. Our factory was founded in 1984, is the first in the southwest to create an art fountain professional manufacturers, the establishment of an elite team, sensational last century art fountain dance.
Opened the door of the art landscape, called the ‘ famous Show ‘, by the community and literati of the favor. Won the special honor “outstanding excellent” enterprise title.
2000 Guizhou Spring Festival Gala “cross-century spring-jasmine fountain flower Deduction”, the world’s top 500 Chinese merchants, excellent representatives of the Chinese nation’s outstanding figures.
Glory and glory-multinational enterprises With the trend of manufacturing in China, we are the main art fountain culture brand, renowned vertically in the world stage, caught the last bus, in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia to establish multinational trade strategic partners. To reach out, please come in, international success story Representative: Hanoi, Vietnam “Immortal, Masterpiece Music Fountain”; Malaysia “Lake Again-Dream Butterfly Spring”; Shat Abdullah “King’s music event—–The rose fountain in the desert”; Dushanbe “presidential Palace of Art, Tajikistan” Water Show ” Chengdu New Century Global Center theme “Flower Open exhibition—-eternal memory” and so on.
The fountain created by the enterprise is picturesque.
Entering a new era-showing the Chinese dream In recent years, the society in the interpretation of a new journey, magnificent, bide show the Chinese Dream. The arrival of a new trend of thought, gaoke innovation, the new Silk Road for the overall development of the road policy, enhance the international status. is the leading world economic power, the great power of the big strategic thinking country, and our enterprises closely follow the direction of the 3.15 program development. Firm confidence and hold on to faith. Enterprise in the future to advocate Tao Buluo, realize the vision of the world dream. The creation of a new international and domestic platform, the current enterprise can finance more than 100 million of the funds, in the belt along the road to pursue the truth, create the spark of the soul, precise positioning, stride towards a new process full of faith to win the Nan Mu Wan.