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Landscape fountain design needs to pay attention to what issues

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Now the design of the fountain in major parks and squares everywhere, but also because the fountain attracts part of the masses, landscape fountains in ordinary fountains based on the addition of musical elements, making the fountain more characteristic. Fountain company has many types, according to the different forms of structure, can be divided into direct injection, rotation, water film, suction, fogging and other types; according to the spray water flow of flowers can be divided into dandelions, trumpet flowers, petunias, mushrooms, ice towers, open screen and spray nozzles and other types. Landscape fountain design by artificially constructed plastic or natural spring pond in order to spray beautiful water posture, for people to enjoy the water features. Fountain is an important part of the garden. Modern gardens, in addition to plant landscapes, fountains are also important landscape, it is both a water art, reflecting the combination of movement, static, forming a bright and lively atmosphere, giving people the enjoyment of beauty; at the same time, fountains can also increase the content of negative ions in the air, play a role in purifying the air, increasing air humidity, lowering the ambient temperature, etc., so loved by people. Fountain design company to complete the fountain art modeling of the main working parts, its role is to have a certain pressure of water, after the shape of the nozzle, the formation of gorgeous water, sprayed over the water surface. A variety of different nozzle combination configuration, more to create a thousand different water features landscape, exciting, exciting, and produce wonderful artistic effects. More vivid. Next let’s take a look at the landscape fountain design needs to pay attention to what issues? Fountain company landscape fountain in the design process what need to pay attention to the tips?

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First, in the design of the fountain to do detailed planning, site selection to build a fountain is very important, so early construction site survey, is the level of water resources, the city’s historical and cultural heritage, natural climate change, distribution of economic development around and other issues to be considered, and consider these issues. According to the location, shape and body of water landscape fountain, lighting and music effects are not the same, to take advantage of the actual situation analysis.


Secondly, the fountain company through the landscape fountain design to have a clear theme, landscape fountain to have innovative design companies want the effect, according to the local culture Chinese traditions or local customs, choose whether the theme of the landscape fountain suitable for our contemporary society prosperous square landscape fountain, where the coming and going are for young people, so the choice of lighting music water shape to be based on the actual student Work situation analysis to study the choice, dynamic and rhythmic is more respected for young people. In some problematic neighborhoods in the square, at night is where the middle-aged and elderly people gather, so teachers if you want to build a landscape fountain, can be based on the choice of methods more suitable for the elderly music melody, with the elderly square dance, the square of the community more lively. For the study of some other minority nationalities gathered in the region, to have to perfect their own nationalist characteristics, combined with the Chinese national university music to show the characteristics of the famous tourism culture. In some gardens with classical, the design process of landscape fountain should also be full of classical atmosphere, to show the classical beauty of the garden.


In the actual construction management, to be strictly in accordance with their own design drawings to analyze the construction, control information system how to choose, the choice of water type how to match the type of music, are to be combined with the actual situation of the students, the construction should be based on the actual terrain of the enterprise, know how to adapt, so that we can really do according to local conditions.


Landscape fountain design is based on the actual needs of the design, do not blindly pursue pompous appearance, from the actual use of to go through a reasonable layout, comprehensive consideration of the impact of all factors, is the perfect landscape design fountain. In the design process, but also consider environmental awareness, focus on energy saving and emission reduction, maximizing the recycling of water resources.