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Water fountain manufacturers construction need to pay attention to what issues

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Water fountain manufacturers in the construction process, some small details are often overlooked, resulting in engineering quality defects. Cable signals interfere with each other is a fountain construction of a recurring problem.

Water fountain manufacturers

Water fountain manufacturers construction, pay attention to the pump control cable with variable frequency signals and strong and weak power separate pipe alignment, there will be no signal interference.


Fountain pool leakage injury accidents have occurred repeatedly, in addition to the installation of leakage protection devices, the use of protective grounding measures to reduce the risk of leakage is a common approach.


Water fountain manufacturers construction, fountain pools in individual pumps and lamps and lanterns in the metal shell leakage or grounding is not secure, it will form a safety hazard.


There are also some common problems are not pay attention to the construction details of the results, such as underwater joints are not well connected, water leakage caused by air open tripping; pipeline flange connection bolts are not tightened resulting in the outward spraying of water from the gap; control line joints are not fixed firmly fall off the line caused by the fountain can not perform normally; surface equipment exposed part of the uneven impact on the water surface landscape.


Therefore, we are looking for fountain design and fountain construction unit must find more strength and construction experience of the fountain company, so that you can avoid some details of the problem.


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