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Let those colorful waterscape wake your ears.

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In addition to the colorful flowers and trees, the water and movement of the water landscape is also an indispensable component of the garden. Fountains, stacks, pools, waterfalls, water curtains, streams, wall springs, etc., will be clear, dynamic water in a variety of forms presented to people in front of the present. or thick or light sound of running water, for the quiet space to send a dynamic, the vitality of the garden to show the most vividly.

Every garden, whether regular, non-regular, large or small, requires regular maintenance or does not need to be maintained frequently, there must be a water scene with it. The pool can be higher than the ground, or it can be half above the ground or flat with the ground.
A pool above the ground can save a lot of excavation work, and the sparkling water surface can also reflect the blue sky and white clouds, weakening the surrounding wall to create a sense of repression of space. If you don’t want to spend too much energy building water landscapes, small water landscapes are worth trying. Location selection is important for this type of waterscape. Don’t look at its small size, but the impact on the whole garden is very big.
So, before you build it, you need to take the materials that build the waterscape, such as pebbles, water bowls or pottery cans, swing in different positions in the garden, and then go back to the main viewing position or lounge area to see, you can find the best place to place the waterscape. Small water waterscape pool, depth of at least 45 cm, preferably up to 60 cm. In this way, the water temperature at the bottom can remain relatively stable, avoiding excessive growth of algae due to direct sunlight, and keeping the pool clean. When it comes to purifying water quality, many aquatic plants are good helpers. To accommodate plants planted at the edge of the pool, set a lighter buffer band at the edges, with no depth or width exceeding 23 cm.
Plants that grow under the surface of the water need to be planted in deep water at the bottom of the pool to prevent frostbite in winter. Planting plants or raising fish in water landscapes, taking into account their growth needs, at this time waterscape specifications should be appropriately increased, the area is usually at least 5 square meters.
If you really do not want to expand the water landscape area, in the sink or jug this small water scene can also add plants and small fish, but at this time to strictly control the variety and quantity, otherwise it will be because of small space, plant and fish life caused a lot of inconvenience.
The Waterscape style can reflect the garden style to a certain extent, such as the garden which shows the Mediterranean style, uses one or a group of pottery cans to set up water scenery, the clear flow from the jar gurgling, next to a few colorful ground plants, the ground laying gravel, is the perfect combination. The greatest pleasure of waterscape is to be able to reflect your personality, style and creativity. You can design a stylish, atmospheric metal fountain, walls, desktops can be set up outlet, so that the murmur of water to add the beauty of the spirit, so that the garden because of such a bold, unique scenery to become a “star courtyard”, you can also choose a calm and quaint granite fountain, or European or Chinese style, for space to add elegant, dignified qi, Bake the garden style to the extreme; Of course, if you’re a “conservative,” a regular or special-styling pool is also a good choice. The regular shape is suitable for the elegant and steady courtyard of the style, with the regular vegetation, straight lines paired. Special styling more in line with the leisure garden “appetite”, a very natural wild plant combination, twists and turns of beautiful line treatment, absolutely pleasing to the delight.