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Invisible protection project of musical fountain

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“`With the rapid development of cities, urbanization has further accelerated, and environmental beautification has developed into a large and complete industrial chain. Various landscapes, such as fountains and waterscapes, attract people’s attention, and waterscapes play an important role in improving the quality of human settlements and the image of the city. If there is water, the spirit will increase, and the value of the house will also increase due to the water.



This is because the water landscape increases the comfort of the living environment, improves the microclimate of the living area, and makes people feel the atmosphere of returning to nature. The organic combination of the fountain water landscape and the construction of city squares and residential quarters has become the highlight of the city and an important part of the construction of spiritual civilization, which is deeply loved by the general public.

At present, many water fountains in our country have different levels of water quality deterioration, especially the accumulation of organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen and other substances in the water body will promote the rapid reproduction of algae, and the algae will consume oxygen in the water body during the reproduction and growth process To make the water body eutrophic. The cause of eutrophication is that the landscape water body is not equipped with water treatment facilities, and a considerable part of the fountain waterscape project does not install water treatment equipment to save investment, so it does not meet the water quality of the third and fourth types of landscape water specified in the regulations standard. Although these projects have beautified the environment as a whole, they have caused pollution to the environment on the other hand.

After the spray water is softened, the decalcification effect is achieved, and then the pipeline enters the spray host. The advantage is that the water quality is optimized, the damage rate of the nozzle and other equipment is reduced, the project quality is guaranteed, and the fogging effect is better. This also provides a technical reference for the industry when facing water quality problems, and has been highly praised by customers.


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