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What issues need to pay attention to when viewing the musical fountain

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First, the danger of the water column of the musical fountain

In recent years, with the popularization of musical fountains in major city squares, there have been frequent incidents of musical fountains hurting people. It is understood that the diameter of the water nozzle of a general musical fountain is about 2 cm, and when it ejects 10 meters high The water column often produces an impact force of about 3 kg

Coupled with the randomness and suddenness of the fountain spray, the impact of the instantaneous spray is not necessarily able to bear even the young and muscular young man, not to mention the young children, which are naturally easy to be injured by the water column. Therefore, when enjoying the music fountain,

Don’t arbitrarily shuttle in the fountain because of greed, especially adults must take good care of their children to avoid accidental injury caused by children playing in the music fountain.
Second, children are easily injured or get stuck during running

Children often lack self-protection during play and are easily injured during running. Smooth marble is often used to lay the fountain platform of the music fountain. It is very slippery when exposed to water, which can easily cause children to fall.

In addition, many children like to step on the water column of the fountain mouth when spraying water in the fountain. Due to the different density of the sewer guardrail of the fountain outlet, some children are likely to be accidentally caught by the metal guardrail, causing fractures or It is a serious accidental injury.
Third, leakage of music fountain system may cause electric shock hazard

Musical fountains are a combination of water and electricity. Due to the frequency of use and age, there may be leakage of electricity caused by the aging of some parts. If at this time, children are playing in the fountain, it is very easy to cause electric shock.


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