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Fountain Company Explains Water show for You

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With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, in recent years, more and more water show has been presented to the public. Water show attracts more and more people with its shocking sensory impact and unique charm.

water show

Water show uses multiple high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity, water, fire, shadow, sound, etc., blending cultural creative elements and stage performance art to create a three-dimensional visual sense feast of water, land and air. With water as the core element, Water show performs performances on the basis of cultural characteristics, and integrates stage performance art and real landscape of the park to achieve “a daytime scene and a night show”.


The performance of stage performances such as script, actors, music, costumes, stage dance beauty design, lighting, etc., combined with the comprehensive application of fountains, water curtains, lasers, lights, fireworks, water mist, projection, stage machinery and other scientific and technological means, will be actors, music The combination of dance, stunts, performance art and other forms of performance, beautiful music, exquisite stage costumes, landscape design of the venue environment, complemented by multimedia visual impact, presenting beautiful and breathtaking performances. .


(Outdoor) real water show performance: with real landscape as the background and stage of the performance, with water as the main performance element, with traditional folk culture as the main performance content, combined with high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity, fire, etc. The performance of the audience makes the audience feel the full range of shocking audiovisual experience from the content of the show and the form of the show.


(Indoor) Theatre Water Show: Integrate the water’s agility and femininity, madness and power into the artistic performance of the theater, as a real-life performance in the theater, the audience experience means, artistically presented to the audience. It is also possible to plan, design and produce an art performance with water as the main element in the theater. It is an exclusive custom water show (often the hardware construction of the theater needs to match the content and form of the show in the theater, or the theater) The hardware is built according to the performance and form.


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