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Various types of fountain installation to pay attention to what

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Fountain facilities are favored by landscape maintenance workers for their many advantages such as efficiency, precision and water conservation. Good equipment should be properly installed, carefully maintained and prevented from human damage in order to maximize its effectiveness. The following procedures should be followed when installing in-ground sprinklers in fountains.

fountain installation

1. fountain must be installed before the nozzle spray angle preset. Adjustable fountain fan spray angle nozzle, most of the factory set at 180 degrees, so before fountain installation should be based on the actual terrain of the fan spray angle requirements, the nozzle adjustment to the required angle. Should also be set to the filter inlet with the nozzle markings consistent.

2. According to the music fountain design selection of nozzles. According to the fountain system design requirements to select the appropriate nozzle to ensure that the desired flow and design radius.

3. fountain installation process to pay attention to the top of the fountain nozzle and the ground is equal to the height. This requires the installation of nozzles when the top of the nozzle to be lower than the loose ground for future ground settlement to allow room, or in the lawn ground no longer settles when the nozzle is installed.

4. Fountain nozzle and branch pipe connection is best to use articulated joints or flexible connections, can effectively prevent damage due to mechanical shock, such as lawn mower operations or human activities caused by the pipeline fountain nozzle. At the same time, the use of articulated joints, but also easy to adjust the installation height of the nozzle during construction.

In some public areas, in order to prevent human damage to the fountain, some users choose to install anti-theft joints, which will be installed at the nozzle inlet. If someone tries to rotate the nozzle screw down, the joint and the nozzle will rotate together, which can play the role of anti-theft protection, in addition there are some users choose to install fountain casing, the same can play the role of anti-theft.

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