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Fountain special pump selection attention points

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The fountain special pump is a kind of fountain equipment that must exist in the fountain project. Choosing a suitable fountain special pump can make the fountain achieve the desired design effect.

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Principles for the selection of special pumps for fountains

  1. The selected pump special pump should have the same flow and head as the design flow and design head of the fountain system. When the working point changes, the pump always works in the high efficiency range, so as not to cause cavitation or overload the power machine.
  2. The size and number of pumps dedicated to the fountain are mutually restricted. If the fountain special pump is selected, the efficiency is high, the number of installations is small, and the equipment, civil construction and management costs can be reduced accordingly; however, the number of units cannot be too small, otherwise one pump will fail, which has a great impact on the whole system. Generally, it is better to install 2~4 sets. When the system design flow is small, only one fountain-specific pump can be set, but a sufficient number of vulnerable parts should be provided. The sprinkler pump station generally does not have a dedicated pump for the reserve fountain.
  3. If there are several pump types that can meet the design flow of the fountain system and the design of the water head, you should choose the pump type with high efficiency, small supporting power, easy operation and maintenance, and a small total investment in the fountain system. .

4, the fountain pump installed in the same fountain system, the model is the same as possible, such as: 1 easy to manage and parts replacement; 2 adapt to automation and semi-automatic control; 3 make the pump house structure single.

  1. If the existing special pump model of the fountain cannot meet the requirements of the design flow of the fountain system and the design head, it can be solved by series, parallel and variable speed.
  2. Choose fountain-specific pumps with good cavitation performance as much as possible. This has a great impact on simplifying pump house structure, reducing pump station investment, and ensuring safe operation of the unit. Take the selection of a centrifugal pump as an example. If the allowable suction vacuum height value of the selected pump is large and the water source water level changes little, a simple sub-base pumping room composed of brick and wood structure can be used; otherwise, it must be changed to a more complicated one. A dry-room pump house consisting of a mixture of reinforced concrete and masonry.
  3. It is recommended to use Guoyou and Duanyou products as well as products and energy-saving products that have obtained national production licenses, and avoid using eliminated products.

special pump

The special pump selection for the fountain must meet the design requirements of the fountain system, including the design flow requirements of the fountain system and the requirements for the design of the water head. Only when these requirements are met can the design effect be achieved.


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