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Music fountain design and construction need to pay attention to what?

Publish Time:2022/04/01 News Number of views:1179

1. Music fountain design and construction there are some site problems. Each fountain is built in different places, so the possible problems are not the same. But the way to avoid the problem is roughly the same.

Music fountain design

Music fountain design of the bottom and wall approach depends on the specific situation. After mechanical calculations, special designs will be made. Fountain wall and bottom of the pool waterproof material should be waterproof better coil. Pumps and pipes should be close to the power and water source. In the winter freezing areas, the bottom and wall of the pool of various treatment methods need to consider the winter pool outside the drainage. Therefore, the fountain pool drainage facilities must facilitate manual control.

Musical fountain design relies entirely on fountain equipment to produce water. The control of water jets is a key aspect. Use different techniques for combination. There will be a variety of variations. The range of indoor fountain design is not large. Sprinklers are a mixture of film, water mist and gas, with lighting effect control. Make it colorful and better set the atmosphere of the courtyard.


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