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What kind of fountain equipment should you choose for the landscape fountain?

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How to choose the fountain equipment correctly in the fountain landscape, this is a very technical nature, requires constant experience and requires more personnel combinations, such as: motor control part, this is the core of the fountain waterscape, and also the highest technical content. In part, the car is a good electrician for welding the pipes.



1 If the existing pump type is not satisfied with the fountain equipment to depict the flow and the needs of the water head, it can be treated by series, parallel and variable speed.

The selection of the fountain pump is necessary to meet the needs of the fountain equipment, including the requirements of the fountain system to depict the flow and the need to depict the head. As long as these requirements are met, the depiction can be completed.

2 The selected pump, its flow rate and head should be the same as the flow of the fountain equipment and the depiction of the water head, and when the operating point changes, the pump has been operating on a high-efficiency scale without causing cavitation or overloading the power machine.

3 The size and number of pumps are mutually restricted. If the pump is selected to be large, the efficiency will be high, the number of units will be small, and the equipment, civil works and handling costs can be reduced accordingly; however, the number of units cannot be too small, otherwise one pump will have a serious impact on the whole system. Usually 2 to 4 units are suitable. When the system depicts a small flow rate, only one pump can be set, but a satisfactory number of vulnerable parts should be equipped. Sprinkler pump stations usually do not have a backup pump.

4 If there are several pump types that are satisfied with the flow rate of the fountain equipment and the need to depict the water head, the pump type should be selected with high efficiency, small supporting power, easy operation and repair, and a small total investment in the fountain system.

5 Pumps of the same fountain equipment are as common as possible, such as: (1) easy handling and parts replacement; (2) customary and semi-automatic control; (3) single layout of the pump room.


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