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Waterscape fountain design in how to choose the nozzle

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Along with China’s economic takeoff and development, the water feature fountain industry has seen unprecedented development in the real estate market and on the road to urbanization. In recent decades, the water fountain industry has emerged in large and small water features companies or fountain associations. Waterscape fountain, especially the square music laser fountain, gradually become the unique characteristics of the city construction of art buildings.

 fountain design
Fountain design as the soul of a water fountain project, is the most important link in the entire fountain project. Responsible for the project waterscape company’s fountain designer in charge of the conception of the design plan and the effect of the design, taking into account the shape of the fountain by the fountain nozzle decision. Therefore, in the water features fountain design how to choose the nozzle, using the appropriate fountain nozzle to express the mood of the design scheme conception, to achieve a shocking water landscape effect, this is the fountain designers need to consider in detail the method.

Fountain design process, the key is to confirm the fountain nozzle required according to the mood of the fountain expression, as well as consider the conditions of use of different nozzles. At present, there are large differences in the quality of domestic nozzles, although similar to the appearance of similar foreign nozzles. Fountain nozzle construction, materials, performance, technology, nozzle weight and surface coating and other factors that determine the smooth and stable jet of the nozzle, affecting the realization of the artistic effect of the water feature fountain.

Fountain nozzle can give preference to brass or stainless steel material production. This nozzle is generally silver shiny or gold-like color, because this material has excellent corrosion resistance, can never fade, long service life is two times the ordinary nozzle. According to the design scheme to determine the main fountain water type nozzle, you still need to consider the selection of different models of the same nozzle water pressure, flow, spray height and spray diameter, as well as the type of connecting tube and installation size. These are the main factors are the choice of nozzle should be more careful and design, because you can avoid design flaws in the construction of future fountain projects, resulting in project delays. This has an impact on the design and construction of the water feature company, as well as the relevant interests.

In the fountain design, the choice of fountain nozzle should also consider some external factors, such as wind, water quality, jet height and other fountain actual construction site environment, where most of the nozzle jet when the water color is transparent and colorless. If it is an indoor fountain design project, with little wind, less ash, quiet environmental characteristics, you can choose hemispherical and petunia and other jets slim, sound steady nozzle; and if it is an outdoor square fountain design project, the surrounding environment is exactly the opposite, relative to the shape design, the salute nozzle, three-layer flower and rotating nozzle more suitable.

Therefore, in the water fountain design, the choice of fountain nozzle, both the need for water features company designers unique creative ideas, but also need them to have a wealth of practical experience in construction, in order to nozzle all the factors of comprehensive consideration, is the fountain landscape as a building or a work of art to the extreme.
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