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Square fountain design construction considerations and layout points

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Square fountain in the design and construction need to be careful some, if you do not know much about its construction considerations, then you do not worry, because next, our industry experts to share with you about the design and construction of the square fountain considerations, if you have different views, you are welcome to call for feedback, while suggesting that you will be this article for collection, in case of emergency, looking forward to your attention.

square fountain

First, the square fountain design and construction considerations

1, square fountain pool pool bottom, pool wall practices should depend on the specific circumstances, mechanical calculations before making special design. Pool bottom, pool wall waterproof layer of materials, it is appropriate to use a better waterproofing effect of the coil, such as EPDM waterproof cloth, chlorinated polyethylene waterproofing membrane. Pool inlet, overflow, pump pit, etc. to be set in the pool more hidden places, the location of the pump pit, the location of the pipe should be close to the power supply, water. In the winter freezing areas, a variety of pool bottom, pool wall practices are required to consider winter drainage out of the pool, therefore, the pool drainage facilities must be easy to manually control.

Square fountain is entirely dependent on the equipment to create the amount of water, the water jet control is the key link

2, square fountain is completely dependent on the equipment to create the amount of water, the water jet control is the key link, using different techniques to combine, there will be colorful changes in the form. Placed indoors in the square fountain, Qi water range design is not too large, nozzle for the membrane, water fog type and gas mixture, in conjunction with the control of lighting effects, so that it is colorful, and more to accentuate the atmosphere of the courtyard.

Second, the square fountain arrangement points

Location, generally located in the courtyard axis focal point, endpoints or flower beds group, but also according to the characteristics of the environment, some square fountain vignette, arranged in the courtyard, both sides of the door, the space turn, the hall of public buildings and other locations, take a flexible arrangement, free to decorate indoor and outdoor space. But in the arrangement should pay attention to, do not place the square fountain in the building between the wind wind ducts, but should be placed in the wind-sheltered environment, so as to avoid high winds, square fountain water shape was broken ring and falling water was blown out of the pool. [Specific reference can be “Do you know? The functional advantages of the square fountain is so much! The related content

The above content is mainly to share with you about the square fountain design construction considerations and layout points, I hope this section can help you solve some problems, if you have other questions need to know, then you can contact our customer service online, our customer service will promptly provide you with help.


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