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Fountain design company tells you fountain design

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Fountain design company is now welcomed by many people, this is due to the general scene we can be approximately divided into two categories, one is based on the site of the detailed structure of the terrain, and then the imitation of natural water features construction, and the other is a completely artificial landscape fountain design.

Fountain design company

Fountain design company can also be many different ways and varieties, can be divided into: ordinary with decorative fountain design, and sculpture to combine with the fountain design, water sculpture and self-control of the fountain design.

Fountain design we are placed in the above is also necessarily different, generally if the place is more open, we are mostly used to create more rule fountain design, so the fountain design pool must be large, and the water spray to be very high, but in the lighting does not need to be very rich. If the place is relatively slender, then our pools are generally selected for the rectangular. If it is a modern residence around, then the fountain design pools are generally round or rectangular, but do not have a particularly large amount of water, water feeling intense on it.

When we choose the fountain design company location, as well as the environment near our fountain placement, we need to go to the fountain design and the theme of the way to consider, and is to coordinate with our environment, we will put these together for consideration, the use of the environment to the fountain design to set off and to play, to achieve our intention of good environmental decoration.


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