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How to do music fountain maintenance is better

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In a hot day, if you see a music fountain in a park, a community, etc., will you feel “a hint of coolness” in your heart?



Music fountain


Nowadays, music fountains are widely used in modern city squares, gardens and lakes, and some problems will inevitably occur, which may affect the healthy development of the music fountain industry, and need to be paid enough attention. What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of musical fountains? What are the reasons that may cause problems?

1. The quality of maintenance personnel is uneven

Music fountain maintenance personnel need to have a certain level of knowledge and technical foundation, require familiarity with basic computer operations, have experience in equipment maintenance in electrical, mechanical and other industries or have received professional training. However, in order to save manpower costs or make it easier to save trouble, some music fountain takeover units have security and property personnel in their jurisdictions, and there are no fixed music fountain managers. On the one hand, the escrow staff has a weak sense of responsibility; on the other hand, the quality of the staff is uneven, and may not necessarily have the ability to manage the music fountain.

2. Insufficient attention to personnel training

During the maintenance of the musical fountain, due to insufficient attention to personnel training, it caused a lot of inconvenience to the construction and maintenance units. Personnel training means that the maintenance unit assigns maintenance personnel, and the construction unit is responsible for training. The main content of the training includes familiarity with musical fountain equipment, playing musical fountains, programming, replacement of wearing parts, determination and handling of simple faults, and daily maintenance considerations for musical fountains. It is best for the trainees to participate in the construction of the musical fountain and learn in practice. In this way, at the end of the construction of the music fountain, the trainees are not only familiar with each equipment of the music fountain, but they may have become a technical expert in the music fountain.

3. Conservation awareness is not strong

Many music fountain maintenance units simply understand the maintenance of music fountains as daily care and play of music fountains. In fact, to maintain the long-term beauty of the waterscape music fountain, there are many other things to do in conservation. For example: the nozzle is skewed and needs to be straightened, the nozzle is blocked and needs to be cleared, the sludge deposited on the lamp housing glass needs to be wiped, the wearing parts need to be checked regularly, the equipment damage needs to be repaired in time, the floating objects on the water need to be salvaged, and the water quality needs to be deteriorated Replacement or disposal, the music fountain control room needs to be kept clean and not damp etc.


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