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How is the music fountain intelligent?

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When people are dancing, they will show some emotions through dancing, and the program-controlled fountain can also show happy or soft emotions through its own water type. Especially when the music is melodious, the change of water type seems to be given more emotional color. How is this intelligent design controlled? Fountain company is committed to the design and construction of music fountains. The company focuses on the research and development and promotion of music fountains, square fountains, water curtain films, water fountains, artificial fog and other technologies. Fountain company professional fountain design and construction manufacturing enterprise: set fountain design, manufacturing, installation, later maintenance as one of the professional fountain company. Main undertaking: music fountains, program-controlled fountains, dry type fountains and square fountains.

program-controlled fountain,music fountains
The principle of program-controlled fountain is to use the physical wave form of music file, divide it into several segments with an accuracy of 10 milliseconds, and automatically recognize the basic emotional characteristics of music such as shock, missing, lyric, joy, excitement, sadness, joy, and warmth, and then convert it into the control signal of fountain. After synchronous processing, it is output to the peripheral specific control unit through the signal output card, that is, according to the water configuration rules, it controls the actuator such as submersible pump, solenoid valve, underwater color lamp and frequency converter, so as to integrate the visual feeling and auditory feeling.

When we usually watch the program-controlled fountain, we often encounter this situation: when the musical instrument reaches the climax, when the water column sprays to the highest point, accompanied by the music sound and the sound similar to the gun salute, what’s the matter? In fact, this is the use of the latest gas explosion technology in the performance program, which can be called the welcome gun. It is understood that air blast fountain technology is not common in domestic music fountains at present. It often appears in symphonies in order to push the Plaza atmosphere to a climax.

program-controlled fountain,music fountains

By the way, popularize the principle of air blast fountain: it is composed of air compressor, high-pressure air tank, valve and nozzle. During the fountain performance, the air compressor pressurizes the air pressure in the high-pressure air tank to a certain pressure in advance. During the air explosion performance, the valve is immediately opened, and the high-pressure gas rushes the water flow in the nozzle into the air to form a thick water vapor combination, resulting in the explosion sound effect. The water jet of this kind of fountain is controlled by a special electromagnetic valve, which has fast opening and closing speed, can run quickly and produce eye-catching effect.


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