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Fountain factory introduces you the maintenance skills of fountain equipment

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In addition to being used for crop irrigation, fountain equipment is mainly used as a landscape in major scenic spots. The most common one is music fountain, but the equipment needs to be maintained in the winter environment. So, what are the main techniques for maintaining fountain equipment? What problems should be paid attention to when replacing and cleaning the equipment? Below, I will introduce the maintenance techniques and replacement and cleaning methods of fountain equipment.

Fountain equipment

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1. The severe cold weather in winter generally prohibits musical fountains from performing, because the cold weather will freeze the fountain pipes, so the maintenance of the fountain equipment is more important, and you must pay attention to the commonly used submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps. Its maintenance method. There are also inspections and maintenance of some circuit systems, at least once or twice per shift.

2. For submersible pumps, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out regularly, mainly to check the electric pump and its control system, because the submersible pump will be soaked in the water for a long time, which will cause its cable sheath to age and crack, which will cause serious problems. failure. Therefore, the cables must be inspected regularly, and local cracks in a small area must be checked. After cleaning and descaling the surface of the cable, you can use waterproof tape to wrap it for waterproof treatment, but pay attention to checking the insulation with a shaker after soaking for a few hours, and then put it into operation after meeting the requirements. Replace the main cable with substandard insulation or no repair value.

3. Because the main cable is a special cable with a watertight connector, it is more expensive when replaced, so the cost can be saved by processing and bonding. Maintaining the circuit system of music fountain equipment is only a small part of it, and the inspection and maintenance of nozzles and lamps are also important, and the defective nozzles and lamps should be replaced in time.

2. Key points for replacement and cleaning of fountain equipment 1. How to replace music fountain maintenance equipment (1) The computer and program should be upgraded once a year. (2) When replacing the solenoid valve diaphragm, all objects falling off the pipeline should be cleaned and dry; when tightening the screws, proceed in a diagonal order. (3) The standby equipment of the fountain should be started and operated regularly (replaced every day for high frequency of use, and changed once for low frequency of use) to prevent equipment performance degradation. 2. Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of musical fountain equipment (1) Cleaning of musical fountain pipes: once a year. Before the fountain equipment is out of service in winter, the water in the pipeline should be drained to prevent the pipeline from freezing and cracking. (2) Cleaning the nozzles and underwater lights of the music fountain: clean once half a year, and pay attention to the nozzle standpipes and underwater lights when cleaning to prevent damage. (3) Cleaning of music fountain pump: The suction port of the fountain pump should be cleaned monthly to prevent dirt from clogging the suction port, reducing work efficiency and even causing equipment damage. The submersible pump must discharge the cooling water during the winter outage period to avoid icing and damage the pump body. The oil-cooled pump needs to close the valve.

The above content is the knowledge of maintenance skills and replacement and cleaning methods of fountain equipment compiled by Jiayue Fountain Factory. I hope that the above content can help you. Interested friends, welcome to collect and pay attention to this site.


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