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Water fountain installation to pay attention to what matters

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Fountain equipment in the Water fountain installation: before installing the pipeline should be cleaned, should ensure that the main level, keep the pipeline vertical and the main line fixed. Piping should be cleaned of rust and weld slag before applying rust-proof paint. Make sure the pump is firmly and stably installed.

Water fountain installation
Installation of lighting fixtures in fountain equipment: Make and install plug-in cards to fix the fixtures, position them to the fixtures, and fix firm lighting fixtures.

Fountain equipment in the cable laying and waterproof connection: to reduce the cable underwater joints as the basic principle, the pump and other cables and wires should be laid in accordance with the provisions of the alignment. Cable line connection (heat-shrinkable tube waterproof), cable line centralized interpolation into the cable tube, in the flare for glue seal, pumps and lighting fixtures line numbered according to the diagram, cable line through the tube in the cable trench laid to the control room, after the cable bridge into the distribution cabinet.

A, lighting fixtures, pumps, valves first test their performance before Water fountain installation, to ensure the use of well-insulated pumps, measured, its resistance value shall not be less than 50 megohms.

B. The connecting wires used for lighting fixtures must have intact waterproof performance, especially the joints should be waterproofed according to regulations, and the connection must be firm.

C. Use megohmmeter to test the insulation resistance of each way, the resistance value should be greater than 5 megohms.

D. Ensure that the grounding wire of the pump and lamps is done.

Fountain equipment in the distribution control Water fountain installation: control and distribution equipment in the control room should be in accordance with the diagram, according to the cable number of the equipment load into the corresponding terminals of the distribution equipment.

Fountain, background music electrical and other fountain equipment (lamps, pumps, computers, electronic control cabinets, inverters, controllers, transformers, laser projectors and other metal shells) are to do a good job in line with national standards of equipotential grounding.

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