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What is the control method of the musical fountain

Publish Time:2020/10/27 News Number of views:568

Musical fountains have high power and long-time opening will make people lack freshness, and the effect is not good when the fountain is turned on during the day without lights. Musical fountains cannot be performed for a long time. Therefore, in addition to considering the effect of water features, the design of the fountain is automatic Control design several different control methods:

Musical fountains

1. Manual control: usually only turn on certain water shapes to form a fixed combination shape. The dynamic fountain cooperates with the surrounding static squares and buildings to form a waterscape;

2. Program control: Music fountain can also be designed with program control to make the fountain water shape change regularly;

3. Real-time voice control: control the ups and downs of waking up through any music, this control method is suitable for live performances;

4. Pre-programming control: The emotion and artistic conception expressed by the carefully selected beautiful music are compiled and combined with various water shapes, lighting and music ingeniously. The music melody that can only be heard is reflected in the visual image, making people see the beating Notes.


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