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Music fountains tips

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1. The principle of the control system is to use the single-chip microcomputer to control the fountain function, to control the single-phase motor step by step, and finally to control the flow of the nozzle. Use program control or manual key control solenoid valve to control fountain. The audio signal also affects the color of light and the change of light intensity.
So that the color of the light, the flicker of the light and the fountain change with the rhythm of the music. Music fountains are fountains that use playing or live performance or change the water spray shape and light color according to the pre edited program.
2. Compared with ordinary fountains, music fountains add the rhythm of music, making fountains as if they have a soul, which can give the viewer the enjoyment of beauty both visually and audibly. The rhythm of the fountain water pattern is also more and more clear, and the effect of the water column and light is more harmonious.
3. There are various forms of music fountains, such as ornamental fountains, music program controlled fountains (divided into waterscape control, lighting control, waterscape + lighting control and other ways), running fountains, water curtain movies, laser performance fountains, volcano fountains, program-controlled small scenes, atomization landscaping, stage movable waterscape, sculpture fountains, waterfalls, ultra-high fountains, etc.
4. The idea and emergence of fountain began in 1930s. In 1930, China introduced and built many music fountains in mid-1980s. According to incomplete statistics, the total annual output value of the whole fountain industry in 2006 has already reached several billion yuan.
At the same time, China’s administrative and technical supervision departments, academic groups and publishing circles have done a lot of work to promote the development of fountain technology.


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