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Professional fountain company introduces the working principle of cold fog fountain

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The cold fog fountain uses a high-pressure fogging system to spray the purified water droplets in the form of fine mist of 1-15 micrometers (0.001 mm). It floats like a natural mist in the air, and it is also a fantasy. It makes people feel like a fairyland. The large amount of negative ions generated by the spray can freshen the air and change the local microclimate. The mist absorbs heat when it evaporates quickly, and achieves the effects of cooling, landscaping and purifying the air. Artificial cold fog is widely used in natural gardens and environmental landscapes, and is mainly used in parks, stage, leisure places, fountains and other places.

The principle of heating and dehumidification: the cold fog fountain uses the industrial cold fog system to be a high-tech electromechanical integration device for water fogging; the industrial high-pressure main engine purifies and pressurizes the water to 4.5MPa or more, and passes the high-pressure water through the gemstone striker nozzle through the high-pressure pipeline. The impact changes the velocity profile of the jet section, causing the large particle droplets to be broken down into small particles. The small particles are further atomized under the aerodynamic force into numerous “fine mists” with a diameter of 10-20 microns, and the “fine mist” floats in the air. At the same time, it absorbs the heat in the air and changes from liquid to gas, which increases the humidity in the air and lowers the air temperature. This is the working principle of humidification and cooling of the industrial cold fog system. This process is the process of humidifying and cooling.


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