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How to correctly choose the nozzle in the design of fountain equipment

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The current fountain design, in addition to focusing on the sense of shape, must also pay attention to the specific use of the nozzle, in order to bring a pleasing view. In particular, the quality of the print heads currently on the market is uneven. How should users choose it correctly? In fact, pay attention to a few key points, it is very easy to choose the right one. Let’s take a look at the question of how to properly choose the nozzle in the design of fountain equipment.

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The sound of the hair spray should not be too loud

It’s not hard to see that the sound of water spray from some nozzles is too noisy, which is unavoidably unsatisfactory. But if you can use a nozzle that is both styling and quiet, it is undoubtedly very good. At present, there are many such products on the market, such as speaker nozzles, etc., users can rest assured to choose.

The nozzle should be protected from external interference
Some nozzle designs are susceptible to external wind, which makes it difficult to guarantee the formation and is not spectating. For example, the semi-circular nozzles in fountain equipment are extremely susceptible to wind interference. It can hardly be formed under strong winds, and the water film formed under light winds is very thin. Therefore, users must avoid this when buying. The ice tree sprinkler is not affected by the outside world, and the effect is good. Users may wish to choose it carefully.
Nozzle height and pressure must be appropriate
Generally speaking, what kind of spray height you want, you need to choose different types of spray heads. For example, the nozzle to be sprayed is very high, and the center nozzle is better than the DC nozzle. This is because the air in the middle of the annular water flow is thin, and the surrounding air tightly wraps the water column to make it difficult to disperse. For safety reasons, low-pressure sprinklers should be used in children’s swimming pools.

In addition, when choosing a sprinkler, pay attention to the dynamics of water attitude. In short, what kind of nozzles are used in the fountain equipment is closely related to the needs and effects, and the user must choose as appropriate.


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