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Urban community fountain design makes living more loving

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The fountain has become an indispensable project in the city and landscape. Under the background of gradual cost reduction, the fountain has entered the urban residents’ community landscape design and greening maintenance projects. Many high-end urban communities use the fountain as an important factor to improve the community image and assist the greening function The project maximizes the important role of fountains in daily management, resident services, and beautification of the environment. According to statistical results, in urban community building projects after 2017, 80% of large and medium-sized community projects will introduce fountains to the construction, adopting fountain landscape, fountain greening and other models to play the role of fountains in greening the environment. The supporting effect of the living atmosphere. From the point of view of fountain design commonly used in urban communities, mainly rely on artificial lakes, artificial parks, green belts and other carriers to arrange fountain equipment, through the unified layout and operation of the property, the operation of the fountain is regularly opened.


Fountain landscape


1. Landscape fountain design

In urban communities, developers will adopt landscape development such as channels and artificial lakes to attract consumers to purchase houses, and improve the attractiveness of developers’ housing sales through the improvement of the living environment. In these artificial lakes and channels, the fountain is the most basic landscape design. The developer will adopt the most basic fountain pattern and lighting form to form a simple fountain shape to achieve the role of supporting the landscape environment while reducing the dust in the air in the community To increase air humidity, which is convenient for residents to walk and exercise. This kind of landscape fountain design has low input cost, can play a variety of effects, and is deeply loved by residents. It is also the most commonly used construction method for urban community developers to promote housing sales. When designing landscape fountains, developers often do not consider high-cost fountains such as music fountains, multi-function fountains, and multi-shape fountains. They only need to be able to cooperate with the community landscape and highlight the landscape environment.


2. Green fountain design

In the construction of urban communities, according to national regulations, a green area of ​​not less than 30% should be built. By planting trees, grass, etc., the greening rate is increased, and the living quality of community residents is improved. In this context, urban communities use timed fountains as the main method of drip irrigation and greening areas. Through unified timing control, the fountain spraying time and water spray volume are controlled. With the 360-degree spray irrigation mode, irrigation efficiency and irrigation coverage are improved rate. The design of the green fountain is mainly based on the optimization of costs, optimization of routes and minimization of water resource consumption to meet the needs of community greening. In the design of green fountains, developers do not consider the shape of sprinklers and usually use cost as a reference basis. This simple fountain design model is the most commonly used basic model for developers.


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