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Square fountain company in the design of what needs to pay attention to

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Compared with ordinary fountains, square fountains look more atmospheric. Of course to create such a fountain, in the production of design have a different focus. Also take into account the needs of the user in order to ensure that the finished product is satisfactory. But in the production of music fountains, is a very examination of the skills and abilities. Especially if the two difficult points are broken, the experience will bring better results. So which two difficult points need to break through it? Let’s look at the specific understanding.


square fountains


Control system should be comprehensive and good

If the fountain is very successful, and the use of flexible words, is undoubtedly an ideal type. The difficulty of this technology is mainly reflected in the production of control systems. That is, the control system not only can facilitate the user to achieve the fountain of the various functions of the control, but also to make it have more different forms of expression, and also to anyone can learn to get started, which can be said to be super ideal type. To be very good to achieve, the production of this control system has to be very advanced to do. Of course, someday in the future, it will not be a problem to operate freely.

Music software is widely applicable

The current square fountain software are specially designed, and to produce a universal, then you have to carry out effective electronic processing, so as to achieve the effect of synchronization of fountain and music. Of course, this effective electronic processing, but also has to be converted into the corresponding control signal, then the production of a strong applicability of the music software is not a problem.

The above is the square fountain want to break through the two technical difficulties. But in the near future, with the maturity of people’s technology, this wish will eventually come true. But now to design a unique fountain with music, it is necessary to find a reliable fountain company.


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