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The fountain company gives you a brief introduction to the swing fountain system.

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The swinging fountain is one of the fountain waters commonly found in musical fountains. The swinging fountain is produced from a rocking system. There are three types of sway, namely vertical sway, lateral sway, and oblique sway.

swinging fountain

The longitudinal swinging nozzle is to install one or two rows of DC nozzles on the bracket. Each nozzle has the same spacing and is connected by the tie rods, but the angle of the nozzle can be freely oscillated. Under the water surface, there are underwater motors and power boxes dragging, so that each group of nozzles Longitudinal swing, reaching the same height of the nozzle, like a silver dragon flying in the air. This combination is huge and beautiful. It can be designed and produced on site according to the needs of different pools and users.


swinging fountain

The horizontal swinging nozzle is provided with a plurality of branching nozzles on the water spraying pipe, and each of the several water spraying pipes is formed by organic combination, and the jetted water column is horizontally swayed. The two sets of nozzles are sprayed, beautiful and moving, and the sound control is more luxurious and luxurious.

The basic structure of the oblique swaying nozzle is the same as that of the lateral swaying nozzle. Since one of the left slanting installations is installed, one side is slanted to the right, and the oblique swaying nozzle is like a seagull when it is sprayed, free to fly, and the lighting and sound control effects are better.


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