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Introduction to the Principle and Function of Cold Fog Fountain

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In the process of using digital sprinkler, we often see a kind of fountain. It will produce a smoky object. This type of fountain becomes a cold fog fountain. Next, we introduce the principle and function of the cold fog fountain equipment.

Cold Fog Fountain

Now there are many artificial things, cold fog fountain equipment is also a kind of artificial fog produced, below we will make a brief introduction to the source and principle of cold fog fountain equipment.

System Composition and Reason: The cold fog equipment consists of high-pressure main engine, atomizing nozzle, electronically controlled part and pipeline. Cold fog equipment uses popular water, filters through the system itself equipped with a micron-scale filtration system, enters the high-pressure main engine, and the pressurized water passes through the pipeline to the fog nozzle. The high-pressure flow impacts the needle of the needle mist nozzle at high speed, and then forms micron-sized fog particles.

System function: cold fog equipment has greenhouse cooling, greenhouse humidification, pest control and artificial landscaping functions.


Cold Fog Fountain

Greenhouse cooling: water is sprayed into greenhouse by micron-scale fog particles to make it evaporate quickly. The evaporation of water receives a lot of heat from the air, and then the wet air is discharged outdoors to reach the cooling target. Not only the cost is low, but also the result is clear, cooling down 3-10 degrees Celsius.

Prevention and control of diseases and insect pests: a drug pump is installed in the system. Insecticides and fungicides are sprayed into the atomization pipeline through the drug pump. After mixing with water, they are sprayed into the sealed greenhouse by spraying through the nozzle. In a very short time, the fog surrounds the plants and completely kills the pathogens and insect pests.
Artificial Scenery: Small fog particles of cold fog equipment flutter like natural clouds, which can create attractive scenery results. It’s a fantasy installation for recreating natural scenery such as scenic spots, amusement grounds, fountains and dance halls. And in the film industry has broad prospects.

In fact, the principle of artificial fog is very simple. Water molecules are ejected through a high-pressure main engine with pressure of 50 kg-100 kg through a special nozzle. The fog length is about 3-5 meters and the fog particles are about 1-15 microns (0.001-0.015 mm). This system does not drip when it is closed, and it is not too wet when it is started; in the previous years, ordinary units used stainless steel pipes or copper pipes, with high cost and difficult to seal; the high-pressure PE pipes currently used by our company have been verified for many years in China, which can last for more than 5 to 10 years under the premise of normal operation, and can also resist ultraviolet rays, acid and alkali, prevent animal breakage, and actively cool down, disinfect, humidify and deodorize. Functions such as landscaping. It is time-saving, water-saving and labor-saving. Compared with other similar products, it has longer service life, lower fogging and beautiful design. It does not affect the use of other equipment. What are the advantages?


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